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Block Management Software

Block Management Software

Service Charge Accounting

Powerful time saving features such as automatic bank transaction feeds, BACS payment templates, bulk upload of supplier invoice detail, online supplier invoice approval process, digital end of service charge year packs & full financial reporting.

Leaseholder Portal

Leaseholder logins bring transparency and combined with inbuilt email messaging, speeds up your communications with residents.

Repair & Maintenance Reporting

Receive, assign, tag & progress repairs

Hosted on the Cloud

Access from anywhere, on any device, on any web browser with unlimited users. No expensive servers & networks, just a simple secure log in.

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Block management software for managing agents

Resident Block Management Software has been built by block managers for block managers; when you sign up, you share the benefit of our professional experience and our aim is to help all managing agents operate to the highest industry standards.

If you’re a managing agent expanding into block management or a rapidly growing block management department, check how Resident does the hard work for you.

Block Management Software Leaseholder Portal

Simple. Efficient. Resident.

Our leaseholder portal enables leaseholders to log in from any web browser (Desktop, iPad, iPhone) to provide a fully interactive and open view of financial records, together with reporting features and messaging tools.

Block Management Software

Let us simplify your life

Many block management tasks can be done much quicker with Resident. Let us do all the hard work and enjoy your saved time!

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Resident Webinars

Sign up and join our weekly webinars. Every Thursday at 11am, we host  webinars with live Q&As tutoring different aspects of the software.

Frequently featuring a guest host which might be a solicitor, accountant, surveyor etc offering industry advice which can count towards your CPD. 

Client Case Studies

Find out how Resident helped our clients with improving their work.

Block Management Software

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In 2016 my company decided to look for an operating software for RBMG Ltd trading as Plymouth Block and Exeter Block management in the South West of England. Our company is forever growing and testimony to this is the number of residential blocks from 2015 to 2021 has increased from 8 initially to 167, totalling 3000 units to date.

The Resident Product totally reformed how the company went about its business, and allowed the professional knowledge it holds in its system to be producing complete records and ensuring the user remains totally compliant in every way. One of the most important elements of the software is that it is truly transparent for freeholders, leaseholders and their agents, to monitor without breaking any GDPR requirements which is something the industry needs so desperately.

Last but least, the management and the technical division, have maintained the attitude to teach, and have visual aid video conference suite of learning subjects, to match the staff interaction and advice they so readily give. Upgrades are plentiful and explained through CPD, the management are willing to visit and are only a call way for any help you need. Pleased to be part of this company thinking outside the box but keeping its product current at all times.

Mark Christie MInstLM MIRPM
Managing Director

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