A deeper look into our world of Development

Hi again, it’s Craig, Resident’s Client Success Manager.

Hopefully you will all have seen our Development Plan that was communicated via email and our website, on 23rd February.

For those that have not; or would like to take another look, please feel free to take a read by clicking this link

What is a Development Plan?

Resident’s Development Plan outlines the initiatives, epics and features in the engineering pipeline. Development Plans help us internally visualise the key technical objectives in the development workflow. 

It is a high-level snapshot of our development team’s major objectives and allows us to share with our clients a clear vision for the year ahead.

You talk, we listen…

If you aren’t familiar with our story, Resident was founded by; and used by, Block Managers. 

So, we have a deep understanding of what is needed by our clients. That said, we take requests and suggestions all year round, too.

We constantly review if we are noticing trends across clients requests, and where we do, we look to build into our future Development Plans.

For other requests outside of our communicated Development Plan, we also take on Custom Development work, which is paid for by the requested Client.

The time to develop this custom work is then scheduled into our Development Plan too.

Development & Growth

Releasing new developments can be a volatile environment. Every idea/request/release impacts on multiple areas of Resident, and is never as simple as developing something new and ‘adding’ to the system.

Our amazing development team tests everything ahead of release to ensure it meets the brief and does not compromise any other features you all rely on every day. Once satisfied, they then switch to working out of business hours to implement, to ensure they minimise disruption to users.

It’s a constant cycle and we like it that way!

Block Management isn’t something that sits still. It’s constantly evolving and changing, so we do too… take a look at how busy we have been

If you wish to discuss any of the exciting upcoming developments, or indeed commissioning Custom Development work of your own with us, then please reach out to me directly: craig@resident.uk.com