Say hello to Automated Supplier Invoice processing

Hi, I’m Craig the Client Success Manager and I wanted to write a blog on my favourite Resident topic… Dhub!

Welcome to the new (faster) world of  processing your Supplier Invoices. Dhub is the new platform designed to integrate with Resident (and soon to be more) and pull their data. One platform to Verify and Approve your invoices in a flash!

What is Dhub?

Dhub essentially is a system that you can upload invoices to or synchronise with your dedicated invoices email address and it will automatically read your invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. 

As soon as it has an invoice in the system and it’s been through OCR it then enters all of the invoice information into the relevant places; such as supplier name, block name, invoice number, item description, monetary values etc… and so much more! Once this has been done (we’re only up to about 10 seconds of time so far), all you do is Verify the information and Approve or Reject it. If approved, it feeds back to Resident where it is ready to be paid in the usual way.

So what happens if you don’t just get perfectly attached PDF invoices to process? 

I’m sure we can all think of a good number of occasions where we don’t get a lovely PDF invoice attached to an email, so how do those get onto the system?

  • Scan postal Invoices and send them to your dedicated synchronised email address – then they will pull into the Dhub, ready to be verified.

  • Take a photo of an invoice from your phone, send it to the emailit will arrive on the system and Dhub will read it!

  • If you have a supplier that posts you a handwritten invoice/compliment slip through the door you guessed it, it can read handwriting too!

  • No invoice attached, just an email asking to be paid? Yes,, Dhub will read that too – if there is an email signature with a logo, an amount of money or a block mentioned – it will pull any information it can work with.

How much time can this save us?

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Invoice Processing

Estimated to save 2 to 3 days of the working week for the average service charge book-keeper.

0 %
Data Entry

Built-in OCR is estimated to save 75% of time usually spent on manual data entry

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Supplier Management

Managing supplier invoices estimated to be twice as fast with DHub

More than just a time save…

So, we have established that Dhub will save you and your company loads of time manually entering data, but it can actually ‘save you’ in other ways too:

  • Protect your company from making a duplicate Supplier Payment by being ‘flagged’ by Dhub whenever you are handling an invoice the system has previously approved.

  • Dhub allows you to invite as many or as few colleagues to use the system for no additional cost. Unlimited users!

  • Increase efficiencies within your team, by working smarter through and preventing time being gobbled up by mundane data entry.

  • Dhub costs less than recruiting a member of staff to manage keeping on top of the manual way of working. A lot less!


Yes, I mentioned cost - so let’s dig in to it:

Much like Resident itself, Dhub works on a subscription basis.

£168 + VAT per month, charged annually.

Once the subscription is taken care of, the only other cost you will come across is the purchasing of ‘Pages’. Dhub uses OCR to read ‘pages’ of invoices. £55+VAT will get you 1000 Pages.

There is a progression bar on your dashboard that will help highlight if you’re in need of topping up with more. Every business is different, some scan more invoices than others, so we are guided by you on this ‘Pay as you go’ model.

If you are interested in learning more or having a demo, please reach out to me directly: