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Property Manager

25th of July Common queries 2: Bank accounts, User and Suppliers

Bank accounts
– Why do I have duplicate transactions? One says transaction and the other says ledger (switching from manual to online)
– I am trying to import transactions but they will not go through. (are they duplicates?)
– I can’t see any blocks (check the user is highest role)
– I have deleted something HELP
– I have imported a lot of things wrong HELP how do I delete a lot of things?
– I created a category but I can’t find it
– How do I record a credit?


1st of August Dashboards for Everyone (Agent, Leaseholder and Director)

– What each area does and how to keep the data clean so that it shows effectively (For example: ensure you type the full address in the ‘Edit’ button to make sure that the block appears on the map. Make sure to also assign a property manager so that you can see it when you hover over in the map OR make sure to reconcile regularly to keep the bank accounts looking accurate)

– Breadcrumbs and why they are a fast track around Resident

– The description area above the page and how it allows you to keep track of where you are at all times.
– Details of Leaseholder and Director dashboard


8th of August – Agency Imports

Overview of what and how can be imported in Resident from Settings


15th of August – New reports Trial Balance, Income vs Expenditures and Forecast analysis and amendments to Debtors and Aged Debt report

Walk-through all 3 reports. Might also amendments to the old reports.