Resident Upgrades 10th June 2016

Introducing our Head of Development, Diogo Xavier Luis

With the recent appointment to Resident of Diogo, necessary due to our continued organic growth as a company, we would like to share a few notes on his experience and what his role will be.

Diogo has 10 years experience in delivering technology for many Fortune 500companies. His projects have ranged from Business Intelligence, web development, project management solutions and financial applications. He has undertaken a broad range of roles, from business analysis to software development, and project management to software architecture. With a very diverse  skill-set and successful projects to back it up, he enjoys delivering great solutions rather than thinking of job titles.
Diogo heads the development team at Resident, in which his role includes defining product architecture, our block management software development roadmap, quality assurance and project management. 

Enhancements and fixes 13th June 2016

  1. Added an enchancement so that your logo is now shown on statements and budget downloads.
  2. Automated application of credits to new service charge demands
  3. Updated the Excel reports look and feel to work in Numbers for Mac OSX
  4. Removed the Resident branding from system message emails