Resident Upgrades 6th June 2016

All the improvements and new features have been direct requests from our clients.

Here is the list of those improvements and features. We will update the user manual and generate a blog post in the near future, with further documentation to come and video user guides to help you along.

Mail merge extract

To allow mass email or bulk printing to your block contacts, you can now extract a Microsoft Word compatible extract of your contacts. 

Download the extract in your block’s Contacts page and follow this manual. This allows for greater flexibility, since you can format your Word document anyway you want, which makes it perfect for introduction letters and the like.  

We provide one extract with the contacts details and another with the unit and owner details. We also include their role (director, owner, etc), so that you can filter on the contacts you wish to use.

The Resident team are happy to assist you in creating various templates as part of your on boarding experience as new clients.

Delete data

After much feedback from our clients, we have decided to change the paradigm and allow all data to be deleted by our users.

With this release, you’ll be able to delete budgets, service charges, invoices, payments, credits and bank transactions.

Improved budgeting/service charge functionality

The new budget page allows for the user to immediately visualize the values being charged per unit and per period.

You can now have several budgets per financial year, and set a revenue category against them. You can also assign a bank account to a budget or service charge, which will trickle down to your invoices. Multiple bank accounts can be used.

By editing a Schedule, you can set what Categories relate to that schedule. On the budget, you’ll only find these categories in the schedule tab, making the budget pages cleaner and easier to use.

Assign credit to invoices

You can now assign credits to an invoice. Just navigate to the invoice and you’ll be able to assign any credit (related to the owner(s)) from the credit’s tab.

Re-assign invoice to different unit owner

You are now able to change the unit owner related to a specific invoice. This allows for smoother unit owner transitions.

Improved financial reconciliation

Each transaction is saved individually. This allows for an easier interaction with the list of transactions to reconcile.

You can now also assign the bank transaction to your general ledger, giving it a category and some extra information. This allow bank transactions to be reconciled, whilst not relating to an invoice.

Improved credit system

We have changed a lot here.

Under “Credits and Adjustments” in the unit page, you can register opening balances, bank transaction adjustments, payment adjustments and credit note items. These can all be assigned to an invoice. Although you can make them negative, we recommend you keep them positive, and raise supplementary invoices for situation where the owner is in debt.

Bank transfer adjustments can be created directly from the financial reconciliation page, and are meant as a credit from an overpayment from a bank transaction.

Credit notes have temporarily disappeared. But we are working on getting them back for invoicing to clients. Any feedback you have on how we can improve on this is most welcome.

Bulk download of owner statements in arrears

To allow an easy way to communication with all owner in arrears, in the Units page, you can download all the owner statements who are in arrears.

New reports

We have included a number of reports our clients requested, and we have many more planned.

  • Debtors report –  displays the list of owners and invoices in arrears
  • Creditors report – displays all supplier invoices which haven’t been paid
  • Budget vs. Expenditure – displays, by category, the amount budgeted and invoiced
  • Annual charges – displays all charges applied to each unit on a yearly basis

Additional fixes and tweaks

  • Maintenance invoices are set to paid, regardless of how payments are registered
  • Maintenance invoices details can be changed, even if the status is paid.
  • You can edit reconciled bank transactions
  • Added unit address to a statement
  • Renamed “New tenancy” to “New ownership” in the unit page, owner tab
  • Moved “Add new ownership” button to top of the page
  • Created a new button on unit page, to download a current owner statement
  • Fixed an issue with Expenditure reports, where a schedule was not being populated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with apportionment reports, where a schedule was not being populated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with payments reports, where payments from supplementary invoices were not showing
  • Aligned arrears values in the dashboard, units and arrears pages to use the same calculation formula


Thank you for your invaluable feedback, it really is appreciated and the team at Resident will continue to adapt and enhance the system with our Clients feedback and ideas.