Resident® New Features & Enhancements 16th June 2016

New Features & Enhancements 16th June 2016

Import functionality

We have released two new features which will help new users migrate their data into Resident, and existing clients enter new business.

–        Import Unit and Owner information

Import all the unit information, owner information, ownership start dates and any opening balances in one go, via a CSV file.

This will substantially simplify and speed up setting up a block.

–      Import Schedule and Unit contributions

This new feature allows for bulk imports of service charge schedule unit contributions, i.e. how much each unit contributes to a schedule (% upto 6 decimal places).

This feature also works as an update. So, if you have tens or hundreds of units in one block, and find updating the contributions easier in Excel, you can do just that!

Both these functions can be found on the Configuration page.

Show unreconciled payments in the transactions page and cashbook

Following client feedback, we have decided to go back to displaying payments in the Transactions page.

Reconciled payments, i.e. payments that are linked to a transaction, will be displayed inside the transaction. Whilst unreconciled payments will display as stand-alone.

This make Resident less prescriptive about how you should manage your payments, bank statement imports and financial reconciliations.

No functionality has changed, only how the data is displayed.