Resident Release Notes – 3rd November 2020

What’s new?

This week, the following upgrades and fixes have gone live:


  • Ability to assign an existing Invoice to a Works Order – you can also move an Invoice from one Works Order to another:
    • Works Order status has to be: Instructed, Work Finished or Completed
    • Block, Bank Account and Supplier all need to be the same for both the Invoice and the Works Order
    • This can only be selected for existing Invoices. You cannot see this option when adding a new Invoice.
    • The drop-down is available after accessing an Invoice in the Details tab
  • Landing page for Maintenance and Insurance Category – this has been changed to Files. So if you access any Category now it will take you to Files added to that Category


  • Categories showing multiple times after using option Create and Add Another
  • Bank feeds delay for Barclays – Bank feeds for Barclays will pull transactions from up to two days prior. Clients will see Monday’s transactions on Wednesday. This should eliminate the problem with missing transactions.