Resident Release Notes – 16th April 2021


  • A Works Order will not allow ‘Email for a Quote’ or ‘Instruct Work’ if the selected Supplier has no email
  • Invoices added to a Works Order do not automatically add ‘zero’ items. If a user does not add the item a warning will be given
  • Supplier Invoices cannot have negative invoice items (any credits should be added on the Supplier’s Statement as Credit Notes)
  • Manual reconciliation now has a ‘Description’ field
  • Bulk Payment only allows a User to pay Invoices linked to the selected Bank Account
  • The Apportionment Report has a new option ‘All’ which allows you to download the apportionment for all Units on one Report

Budget vs Expenditures changes:

  1. Using the Invoice period for picking up Invoices is now optional – you can decide before downloading the Report
  2. There are now two ‘Full Detail’ tabs. One for Expenditure invoiced and one for paid
  3. It only pulls information for Categories with types : Expense, ExpenseAndRevenue, ExpenseAndDocumentation and ExpenseAndReport.

If you are looking for a complete overview of the Budget vs Expenditure Report please check out the following article: