Resident Release Notes – 19th March 2021

What’s new?

The following features/updates have been included in the most recent system update:

New feature

Auto settling Arrears – once a Leaseholder clears debt (by paying off all invoices) the Arrears will automatically settle (triggering the last step of the process).

Essentials to keep in mind when using this new functionality:

  • It will only work if ‘enabled’ for your Arrears Workflow
  • It will only work for any new arrears processes. All existing ones will have to be settled manually as before
  • It will only settle if all invoices are paid off. If there is an unpaid invoice for the same amount as the credit but this credit has not been allocated to the invoice, then it will not work
  • Settling process will trigger the last step of the workflow you have configured in Settings/Arrears workflow.


  • Unit list – search will not act instantly. It will now give you more time to type.
  • Unit import – the Template has changed. It now allows you to import UNIT TYPE and UNIT ID
  • Arrears Age Report – this will now show people with zero balance who have unallocated credits


  • It also includes various fixes to problems reported by individual users.