Introducing our new Head of Support Michal Marek

Michal Marek has 7 years experience providing exceptional customer service at all levels, from working with international corporations to local businesses. 

Approaching issues with a positive attitude coming from the belief that if every problem has as reason, there must also be a solution for it, which is just the right fit for the team at Resident, as we believe the same with our block management software.

Over the coming months, we are putting in place a raft of support tools to help you make the most out of Resident. These will range from training videos to a searchable knowledge base to support request features embedded into the software itself. These will not only cover the current system but will be updated for new feature releases.

Of course, as ever, we will be a phone call away, but with our class leading electronic support channels coming soon, you will have the choice.

Please note the new dedicated support phone number, available from Monday 27th June: 01892 739442.