Release Notes – 6th September 2019


  • Leaseholder, Supplier and Freeholder statement – They now have new look, with the most recent entries on top and pagination for faster loading.
  • Opening Balance Import – New column added to the template for ‘Custom Date’ so the Opening Balance date can be selected as opposed to defaulting to the Import Date.
  • New tags for documents and letters pulling sender details i.e for use with signatures in arrears letters:
    • Documents:
      <# <Content Select=”./Info/UserName” /> #>
      <# <Content Select=”./Info/UserSalutation” /> #>
    • Letters (arrears, mail merge):
      <# <Content Select=”./UserName” /> #>
      <# <Content Select=”./UserSalutation” /> #>
  • Freeholder statement page is now showing supplier’s payments and ledger items assigned to the Ground Rent.
  • New tag for arrears letters ideal for use when asking leaseholders to make payment using a reference:
    <# <Content Select=”./UnitCustomId”/> #>
  • Improving formatting tables on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Estate Nominal Report – pulling details of all payments on estate.
  • Debtors report – on the block which belongs to an estate it is showing only properties from that block.
  • Problem with creating tasks on MS Edge and IE now resolved.
  • Expenditure report not pulling invoices from the last day of period – corrected.
  • Checklist – changing the template type is now possible, ideally used if the incorrect template type has been chosen after creating a checklist.