Release notes – 30th August 2019


  • New look Unit Invoices at Branch level & Supplier Invoices at Branch & Block Level – The new table format allows the page to load faster, part of our project to improving the system speed.
  • Issue/Due/Payment date showing in UK format as opposed to US
  • Updating column headings – Pending invoices have ‘payment due date’ column and Paid invoices ‘paid date’ column. Previously the names were other way around
  • Payment Lists – After adding a payment using the button on the invoice list the page was not refreshing correctly. It was showing the same number of invoices for each tab. Now corrected.
  • Global dashboard loading time – Improved loading time of unreconciled invoices

Bug fixes:

  • Categories in Block Config/Categories are now displaying correctly
  • Recently Budgeted Categories (when adding item to supplier’s invoice) are showing full list of categories which have been budgeted for in the most recently approved budget
  • Breadcrumbs correction – now breadcrumbs are including the whole path (one section for each level in hierarchy) e.g. if we access Dashboard/Unit List/Current Owner/Checklist/Statement then our breadcrumbs will be Dashboard /Unit List/Statement as Current Owner, Checklist, Statement are on the same hierarchy level

New Feature:

  • We have created a Booking system for training on our Commercial website – Book Your Training or Free Demo – all client training needs to be booked using this system please either online or onsite 24 hours in advance.
    Please contact with any questions.

REMINDER – please also remember our Development Roadmap is now live on our website homepage for you to see what our developers are currently working on and for you to vote on what features you would like next. Please click here to view.