Release Notes – 20th September 2019


  • Unit types on the Block dashboard – Now showing all unit types
  • Items on supplier’s invoice – amount and VAT are now locked if the invoice has been paid.
  • Improving responsiveness of contact lists (suppliers, contacts, directors) and bank reconciliation.
  • New Code for Budget vs Expenditure Report – you can now pull the name of your block for inclusion in pdf <# #>
  • Logs added to pop ups – A new log icon has been added to pop ups such as ‘Payment on Account’ or ‘Credit Note’. You can now track changes to the individual elements.


  • Mail Merge list – after creating a mail merge the ‘All sent’ button isn’t default ticked
  • Invoice Description – The description on the leaseholder’s statement can now be changed if part of an Invoice Group
  • Leaseholder ID – not saving. Now corrected.
  • Categories in Utilities and Insurance sections were not disabling correctly. Now corrected.
  • Reporting – Invoice items with the same description were only showing one invoice on the Nominal Detail report. Now showing multiple if applicable.
  • Reporting – Debtors report was pulling Freeholder balance. Now removed.
  • Reporting – Cashbook when online reconciling was not pulling ledger items added if the account was previously reconciled manually. Now corrected.
  • Recurrence button on the supplier invoices is visible again and saving changes for both recurrence options.