Release notes – 5th August 2019


  • New tools have been added to monitor the system’s responsiveness. These will now be used to optimise the speed of the application.
  • Certain functions that were previously run off a ‘virtual machine’ which gave no visibility to us of failures have been moved to Azure so we can monitor them in case of any problems. This included the ability to download service charge demands for very large blocks of say 500+ units.
  • We have released our first batch lot of performance improvement works on the following pages: Dashboards, Supplier’s Invoices & Transactions.
  • Freeholder ground rent payments are now showing as supplier payment

Bug fixes:

  • Links on reminder emails now working
  • Outstanding amounts on the Block Accounts / Budgets now matches outstanding amounts on Block Accounts / Invoices
  • Cosmetic fix to the Leaseholder Statement filter so ALL doesn’t not appear after the filter is used
  • Tenant information now included in Contact list after added to a Property.
  • Resolution to date changing on works orders

New Feature:

  • There is now a camera feature on the mobile version of Resident that enables photographs to be taken and saved – most common use would be for Site Inspection Reports.

REMINDER – please also remember our Development Roadmap is now live on our website homepage for you to see what our developers are currently working on and for you to vote on what features you would like next –