Release Notes – 26th July 2019

New features:

  1. Dashboards for Leaseholders and Directors – beautiful mobile friendly with a manual. Manuals are based on the default permissions and have Resident branding.
  2. Trail Balance is on trail – We are submitting the first version of trail balance to put it to the test against the real data. We welcome any feedback.


  1. Category selection on the supplier’s invoice – Now all recently budgeted categories are on the top of the list.
  2. New Column on the mail merge extract – It has now column with ownership ID.
  3. BACS extract has the option to select/deselect all accounts – that should be a great help for the clients with multiple accounts. When you create extract you can deselect all account now.


  1. System admins are not being added when accessing the agency
  2. Budgets showing the incorrect outstanding amount in Block Accounts/Budgets – In some cases total of outstanding invoices was showing incorrectly.
  3. Bulk statements download – when you are downloading all statements system is not downloading those without any items. This is to resolve the problem with downloading empty statements for Tenants.
  4. Rounding on the budget – budget is now  showing actual amount after the schedule has been applied (previously it was showing totals before application of schedule – that was creating confusion if the schedule was less or more than 100%)
  5. Filter on the leaseholder statement – each time you used it was multiplying option ‘All’