Upcoming webinars July-August 2019

11th July – Common queries 1: Reconciliation and Invoices/Budgets


  • The supplier/leaseholder/unit/invoice is not showing up or is grayed out.
  • I have bank interest or another amount that is not to be assigned…what can I do?
  • I have rolled my budget back to draft and changed some things. Now everything is unreconciled. Can I restore this?

Invoices and budget

  • Credit is applying itself to invoices I am raising. Why? How do I fix it?
  • My salutation is incorrect.

18th July – Setting up new employees and how to get them started

  • Creating a new user and inviting them
  • Roles and what is best
  • Messaging within Resident
  • Tasks and how to assign/ Reminders
  • Guide and where to find it
  • Knowledge base and how to use it effectively
  • Logs (for teachers to see what new people have done if a mistake is made)
  • Undelete area

25th July – Common queries 2: Bank accounts, User and Suppliers

Bank accounts

  • Why do I have duplicate transactions? One says transaction and the other says ledger (switching from manual to online)
  • I am trying to import transactions but they will not go through. (are they duplicates?)


  • I can’t see any blocks (check the user is highest role)
  • I have deleted something HELP
  • I have imported a lot of things wrong HELP how do I delete a lot of things?
  • I created a category but I can’t find it


  • How do I record a credit?

1st August – Dashboards for Everyone (Agent, Leaseholder and Director)

  • What each area does and how to keep the data clean so that it shows effectively (For example: ensure you type the full address in the ‘Edit’ button to make sure that the block appears on the map. Make sure to also assign a property manager so that you can see it when you hover over in the map OR make sure to reconcile regularly to keep the bank accounts looking accurate)
  • Breadcrumbs and why they are a fast track around Resident
  • The description area above the page and how it allows you to keep track of where you are at all times.
  • Details of Leaseholder and Director dashboard

8th August – Agency Imports

Overview of what and how can be imported in Resident from Settings

15th August – New reports Trial Balance, Income vs Expenditures and Forecast analysis and amendments to Debtors and Aged Debt report

Walk-through all 3 reports.