Resident Release Notes 2nd July 2019

What’s new?

  • Fix for the Import Templates at Block level
     We have removed these old columns: Owner Title, Owner First Name, Owner Last Name and replaced them with Ownership Name, Ownership Salutation, Owner Name, Owner Salutation.Accordingly, you can import data in the same way as they get stored in Resident. This update was due a long time ago but had been postponed.

  • Fixing the problem of balances in mail merge extracts not containing VAT
    When you extract details of units and owners there is a column with the statement balance which until today omitted VAT. Now it is the same as on the Leaseholder Statement page. It pulls the current balance.

  • Fix for unassigning inactive Categories from properties during the Category sync process
    Synchronizing Categories in Settings/Categories was not working. Now you can set up your Categories in Settings and synchronize this set up with all your existing Blocks. This is not a new thing. It was there but stopped working.

  • Fixing notes creation time to be British Summer Time
    Creation time is showing correctly for notes. It was an hour behind. 

  • Allow editing “SendRemittanceEmail” flag on Supplier
    You can now disable or enable remittance emails for individual Suppliers. There is a tick box to do that. There was a bug that some Suppliers were not receiving remittances. It was not a bug but an improvement which was previously hidden.

  • Fix for Safari browser (dashboard tables)
    Text was overlapping borders and some other text. Dashboards were unreadable.