Resident® Version 3 – rewritten from the ground up, brand new user interface and workflows.

After eight months of full time work by our technical team, we’re excited to announce the upcoming major release of Resident® V3. Due in the next few weeks, here’s a summary of the new features and improvements:

  • User interface: a brand new look and feel, built to be cleaner, more intuitive and work faster. Using the latest web technologies, you’ll feel as if you’re using a desktop program, but in a web browser.
  • Full tasking system: we’ve made it even easier for you to see, assign and track tasks,  across all blocks, and against your budgets. 
  • Improved messaging: you can now see all messages across all blocks, add attachments, track your messages against related topics, and even from automatic emails.
  • Logging: see all your data updates – who did them and when, against any item, such as your units, budgets, invoices, and blocks.
  • Improved work orders management: multiple quotes against single works order, and improved work progress tracking.
  • Custom categories: Set at Block level so you can add new categories or hide existing ones.
  • Supplier list: Set at a branch level, you can set a supplier and use them across all your blocks.
  • Low level permissions management: you can customize every page, every item (block, unit, invoice, etc.) against every role. This allows you, for example,  to let a Leaseholder view but not edit the budget.
  • Branding: you can brand invoices, statements and other attachments easily by adjusting Word templates.
  • Individual databases for agencies: each agency gets it own ‘sandboxed’ database, which means  increased data security and direct access for advanced reporting should you so wish.
  • User registration: To make it as user friendly as possible, new accounts have the option to sign up using their Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts.
  • Recurrent invoices: the system, if you set it, can automatically create recurrent invoices, such as utility bills.

We are also launching a new, fully searchable, self service knowledge base, which will include updated video guides. We are sure it will all be second nature in no time, as we have tried to make the new interface as intuitive as possible.