Resident® Release Notes – May 2017

Update on Credits:
When a credit is created on a unit it will behave as follows:

  • Opening balances and Credit Notes will show on Leaseholder Statements only and not impact Bank Balances
  • A payment adjustment will show on both the Bank Balance and Leaseholder Statements. You will be also able to reconcile them against Bank Transactions.

All old credits which were not opening balances or credit notes have been converted to Credit Notes.

You can now add Refunds as separate items on Leaseholder Statements (in More Actions). This item is a debit which will behave in the same way as a Payment. It will be listed on Leaseholder Statements and reconciled against a Debit Bank Transaction.

Ground Rent:
The Ground Rent value and frequency can now be set against Leaseholders. Invoices are created automatically by the system on a chosen date or a number of days before it. You can set this up in Unit/Owner/Edit Ownership.

You can now pay Supplier Invoices directly from a list of invoices. Click the Invoice payment button, directly on the Invoice List (both for suppliers and units). It is the ‘note’ icon under Actions in the list.

Global lists of Invoices 
A Global view of Unit Invoices and Supplier Invoices is now accessible from Branch Finances/Units Invoices or Supplier Invoices.

New views for Tasks, Notes and Files
This includes tag filtering and has more information available. For Tasks, users can see their Tasks, Tasks they’ve delegated and Tasks that are assigned to their Group.

Support Tickets
We have a new Ticketing system. You can now submit and monitor your support requests directly from Resident. They are all kept in My Work/Tickets on your left hand side Navigation menu.

Supplier page updated
All related invoices and works orders are on the supplier details page. You can also check supplier account balances for each block. To do that you just need to access the supplier’s profile either from Branch/Suppliers (top right corner ‘tools’ menu) or when you are in Block Contacts/Suppliers (left hand side Navigation menu).

Updates User page
All related invoices to individuals are on details page now. Similar to Suppliers you just need to access the user profile from Branch or Block/Contacts level.

Improved ledger item
You can now assign multiple ledger items against one bank transaction in Transactions/Bank reconciliation e.g. if a leaseholder paid their service charge and ground rent as one payment you can now allocate part of it against a demand and the balance against the ledger category ‘Internal transfers to Ground Rent Account’.

Supplier Credits
Credits can now be added to Supplier accounts on the Supplier profile under the tab called Statements. Before you do that you need to select the bank account you want this credit to be linked to. This also assigns the Credit to the block.

Option to assign custom ID
Custom Id can be assigned on Suppliers, Clients, Blocks, Units, Tenancies, Invoices and Works orders. The system will alert you  if the Custom Id is repeated. 

This is useful for third party integration with other products, such as Sage, as well as for searching especially if you have leaseholders with the same name.

Invoice recurrence
Invoices can be setup with a recurrence frequency. The system will automatically create new invoices as per the recurrence configuration that you set such as Utility bills that are received on a quarterly basis for a fixed amount, or Managing Agents fees that are received on a quarterly basis for a fixed amount.