Resident Release Notes – March 2020

What's new?


Release notes 13/03/2020



  • Ground Rent Statement – This can now be downloaded to PDF and emailed from Block/Statement


  • Works Orders – The problem with Works Orders being sent multiple times has been identified and resolved
  • Mail merge – The issue with new Mail Merges overwriting copies of the old ones has been identified and resolved.
  • Tasks – Duplicated tags on Tasks have been corrected

Release notes 20/03/2020


New features

  • Client – this can now be changed within Block/Block Details


  • Works Orders – Duplicating a WO number has been amended


  •  Preventing the payment of Invoices where there are insufficient funds in the account – a partial fix with additional work to follow
  • S20 Statement of Estimates – one template code not working – resolved
  • Global Import- Suppliers Invoice imports reinstated
  • Suppliers' Credit – you can only delete unallocated credit. Deleting credit does not unassign anything.