Resident Release Notes – 25th March 2020

What’s new?


  • Reference check (Custom IDs) – 1st change –  Resident now only checks for duplicate numbers once within the next field. This way you can take your time typing references

  • Reference check – 2nd change – if duplicates are discovered then the number of occurrences is highlighted in red

  • Tasks – New pop up added (‘Are you sure you want to close this task?’) if you are trying to complete a task from the list of tasks

  • Cover Letter – We have removed any extra spacing between paragraphs and the ‘indent’ at the beginning of new paragraphs


  • Supplier Credit deletion – you can now only delete Credits which are not allocated to a particular invoice

  • Supplier’s Invoice – creating after adding first item. You can add multiple items

  • Bulk Credit – you can now access Leaseholder Statements from Bulk Credits using the ‘View’ icon

  • Messages in Arrears process -The problem with accessing more than one sent message has been resolved

  • Logo on Leasehold dashboard – Now this will not overlap with a black background on mobile devices