RESIDENT Release Notes 7th October 2017

Global Bank Reconciliation

You can now view all of your Accounts with unreconciled Transactions in one place. Simply click on ‘Bank Accounts’ from the Global Dashboard. This will give you a good general overview of your reconciliation process. Also, from that page you can go straight to the Bank Reconciliation page and match any outstanding Transactions.  If you would like to know more please follow the link below.

Get the Overview here

This week’s piece of ‘know how’ – Adding Suppliers
Before you start working with the Maintenance section of Resident you might want to add all your Suppliers to the system. You can then decide which Suppliers to add for all of your Blocks and which to add for specific Blocks. It is not mandatory since you can always add whenever you record an Invoice but those Suppliers will only be for that Block.- You can add global Suppliers to Branch or Client within the Spanner menu – Block specific Suppliers you can add after accessing the relevant Block within the Contacts section using the left-hand menu – You can either add Suppliers individually or import them from the spreadsheet Template – Remember – you need to assign Categories to Suppliers for linking them to Invoices later on Please follow the link below for more details:Adding supplier(s)
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