Automated Bank Feeds, Notifications & Mail Merge

Bank Feeds

We are delighted to announce that automated Bank Feeds are now available in RESIDENT. This facility allows you to synchronize your bank accounts with RESIDENT in a matter of seconds, thereby saving an enormous amount of time on day to day data entry. We have also introduced a new Global page with any Unreconciled Accounts. The Global Reconciliation page, although accessible from the Bank Feeds section, can also be used on its own.

If you’d like to know how it all works please follow the link below:

Bank Feeds


A Notifications ‘Bell’ is now located in the top right corner panel of your Dashboard ensuring that you never miss any of our regular updates which to date have only been sent via email.

To learn how it all works please follow the link below:


New Mail Merge facility

Create customised letters to your Leaseholders and Directors in a simple and fast way. With only a few steps you can design a bespoke letter in a Word document which can then be printed or emailed as an attachment.

Key Features:

– Create multiple Templates which you can then re-use again and again

– Each email has a PDF attachment which can be printed if required

– Do you want to save your postage costs? Why not download and print letters only for those residents without an email?

– Trust is good but control is better. There is a preview function before the creation of any Template

– Be proud of your brand! Add your footer and header to any Template.

Please follow the link below for more details:

Mail Merge

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