Resident® Release Notes 4th August 2017

Leaseholder statements can be now downloaded or emailed for selected Calendar periods:

When you press the download or email button you can select the dates you would like the statement to generate from and to. 

Please follow the link below for more details:

Generating updated statement

Generate leaseholder statements by Category:

Enjoy the flexibility of generating statements specific to Service Charges or Ground Rents or another revenue category of your choice for any time period you need.  Simply access the ‘Statement’ tab under Units and on the right-hand side select the category of your choice.

Please follow the link below for more details:

Statement per category

Unreconcile button now available under Unit – Statement – Actions:

If you spot a mistake or need to change the invoice against which a  transaction has been reconciled, you can unlink the transaction directly under the Unit Statement tab – Actions.

Please follow the link below for more details:

New Unreconcile Option

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