Resident Release Notes – 11th August 2017

Improved monitoring of the Arrears process:

Resident shows you the status of Arrears for each Leaseholder: Pending, Due, In Progress, Settled.

Each opened process has a full audit trail and record of all generated documents which can be easily reprinted or re-emailed.

After each Message is sent a Reminder is created automatically for a follow up.

Please follow the link below for more detail:

Arrears process in detail

It is all up to you and your requirements:

You can now design the whole Arrears process yourself to suit your individual requirements.

You decide how many Steps you want to have, how your Letters look and when you want to receive a Reminder.

Please follow the link below for more details:

How to design your own Arrears workflow

Each process is Category specific:

You can now have separate Arrears processes for each revenue Category which allows you to send Letters which are designed in a different way for Ground Rents to those for Service Charges.

Please follow the link below for more details:

Category specific Arrears process