Resident Release Notes 23rd March 2018

We’ve been making changes to improve how Resident works and to get us ready for our new Estate Management section.

The Spanner and User Profile icons have moved to the bottom of the left hand side bar menu. This means they will always be visible as you navigate the system.

The Creation Centre is also on the left hand menu. It’s the new place to create your blocks.

The Client list and Block list are now in our Search page. Just click the round red button with the 3 dots to access. And to go back to the Global Dashboard, just click the logo in the top left corner of the screen.New

You can redistribute credit to all Units in one go using ‘bulk credit’, for e.g. at Year End.
You can add bank details to a Supplier and also restrict permissions to that page.
When invoices are auto-generated all branch administrators will get a reminder.
Access the Knowledge Base by clicking the small ‘i’ icon on the right hand side.

A warning screen will appear in most sections after clicking ‘Send’.
The name of the unit is displayed on the top of the ownership page
The block address will show on the location tile on the block dashboard