Resident Release Notes – 13th October 2020

What’s new?

Please find a list of changes deployed last weekend:


  • New Codes for bank IDs – mail merge and Invoices:
    <# <Content Select=”./Invoice/BankAccount/AccountID”/> #>
    Mail merge (need to be in the bank detail conditional):
    <# <Content Select=”. /AccountId”/> #>
  • Estate site address for works order:
    <# <Conditional Select=”./Info/IsEstate” Match=”true”/> #>
    <# <Content Select=”./Info/EstateAddress” /> #>
    <# <EndConditional/> #>
  • New fields in BACS extract – Date, Payment type, MyBankAccountID 


  • Debtors report – standing order not showing if with the end date – resolved
  • Problem with mail merge crashing preview or generating up to 50 letters resolved – now preview shows up to 50 letters but mail merge generating all of them 
  • Mail merge – missing personal details of owners are being highlighted
  • Bank account – now importing IBAN and SWIFT again
  • Problem with bank accounts balance on the page List of Bank Accounts not including Freeholder payments – resolved
  • Duplicating tags when updating tags problem – resolved
  • Works Order extract on the estate level problem – resolved
  • End of Year Pack pack statements are now for all categories
  • ‘Files’ tile available on the Leaseholder Dashboard
  • Service Charge balancing report problem with pulling deleted invoices – resolved.