Resident launches partnership with global information assurance provider

RESIDENT recognise that as your software provider we have a responsibility to help you with your business continuity and compliance objectives.  We take this responsibility seriously and strive to continuously demonstrate commitment to software security protocols.

This is why we have partnered with a global information assurance provider to offer our clients business continuity protection through a software escrow agreement.  The purpose of the agreement is to mitigate risk and protect all those involved in the supply and use of business-critical software.

How it works

For an agreed fee, a contractual agreement is put in place between Resident Block Management Software and a Resident Licensee (Client) and our Escrow Provider.  Under the terms of the escrow agreement we will supply the Escrow Provider with a copy of the Resident Block Management Software source code, which they will hold securely on our Client’s behalf.

This will be updated at regular agreed intervals to ensure the source code held is always up to date and reflects the current version of your application.  

By ensuring our software is held securely in this way, clients with a software escrow agreement know that the Resident software they use is securely protected and accessible via a third party, thereby minimising business disruption. Benefits to you

  • Provides vital input into disaster recovery and continuity planning
  • Provides independent assurance that all materials deposited are virus free, accessible and as expected
  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to risk mitigation

If you are interested in putting an escrow agreement with Resident Block Management Software in place and would like to discuss costs, please contact Kate Boyes.