1460 days young….

It’s incredible to think that just 4 years ago Resident was merely an idea; a nagging ambition to create my own property technology software that had the potential to transform an industry.  Since then, thanks to an amazingly talented and determined team, we have 100,000 registered users across the UK & Ireland.  100,000!  

In that space of time we have not only built the software from scratch, we’ve also rebuilt it entirely.  In 2016 we completely rewrote the code architecture to ensure the system was future proof and scaleable.  In the past year alone, we’ve enhanced every single feature, responding to client requests and our own ambitious vision for a product that all of us here care deeply about. 

We’ve moved to an adaptive design pattern, using the cutting edge technology Google and Microsoft use, to create a system that can run on any device or platform.   Not only that, but Resident clients get their own dedicated database, unlike other cloud based software where one database stores all client data.  This gives our clients complete flexibility to manage additional backups if they wish to.  Plus Resident is fully customisable, whether it’s the site layout, arrears process, agency specific templates or security settings, Resident does what our clients want it to.   

I still can’t quite believe that our start up in Tunbridge Wells (that well known Silicon Valley of Kent), has achieved so much already.  

Happy 4th birthday Resident. I can’t wait to see what this crazy, wonderful journey brings us this year.

KB – Founder