Release Notes 15th July 2022

What's new?

The following features/updates have now been deployed:


  • Comments can be added to Categories on the Budget – these can be added and edited even after a budget has been approved – code:

    <# <Content Select=”./CategoryComment”/> #>
    (works on Budget Summary and Budget Details templates)
  • Send All Statements – Option to send Statements to all current Leaseholders at once. Works similar to downloading Statements. This can be found in Units List/More Actions/Send all statements


  • Schedule Names on the list of Suppliers’ Invoices – there is only one Schedule even if there are multiple items. The schedule will be taken from the Category and will be the first item
  • Suppliers can now be emailed from Tickets directly
  • New column on Debtors report – ‘In Breach’
  • New frequency for Service Charges and Automatic Ground Rent – Half Yearly English Quarters – half year dates when falling on English Quarter Dates
  • Notes column added to Works Orders Extracted – This pulls notes from Notes sections on each works order