My first 30 Days

Hi, I’m Craig and I am the Client Success Manager here at Resident

Hi, I’m Craig and I am the Client Success Manager here at Resident 

As I sit here with a freshly brewed cup of tea, preparing my mind to cast back only over my first 30 days at Resident and I’m already thinking “Right, what just happened” – it’s symbolic of how fast it has gone. Alas, the slightly more heaped teaspoon of sugar will help me on my way… so let’s dig in.

Firstly, who & what ‘is’ Resident

Well, Resident offers cloud-based Block Management software, built by block managers, for block managers. Essentially, offering a ‘single view’ for all block management needs.

It was set up by the inspiring Kate Boyes, she will ‘roll her eyes’ if I make this about her – so instead, check out this really lovely article for more of an insight to ‘how it all began’:

RESIDENT – simple answer to complex challenges in block management

Let’s get onboarded

On the days leading up to starting at Resident, I was fully prepped for Virtual Onboarding – being a ‘remote first’ business, this was new to me, but totally as expected.

A couple of days before, I had received news that they had kindly hired a shared working space for me and my new buddy/trainer/colleague/fellow-tea-drinker – Michal, to share together.

This was great, I had a clear mapped out plan, so much dedicated time one-on-one, and a real open forum to ask (and re-ask) a whole host of questions and pitch all manner of ‘why does it do it like that’ questions, which early on got our creative minds whirling and collaborating.

I find it hard/somewhat alarming when people think on-boarding can be something that simply starts and then stops at a set time, on a set date. It almost poses itself as a distraction… like those times when you wake up just before your alarm and you can’t go back to sleep because you know ‘the time is nigh’.

Thankfully, myself and the rest of the Resident gang are super like minded folk – ‘If it’s good, it’s good and if it’s not, then don’t panic – let’s do it together’. Suffice to say, like the rest of you/us – I hope to keep learning and I hope that never stops!


Let’s be honest, we’re a small bunch. Resident is the definition of a family run business, grown out of frustration of not having suitable software found elsewhere.

We move quickly and with a shared sense of understanding that Block Management is hard enough, and nobody needs a system working against them.

So, how does this all fit in with empowerment. Well, very quickly you realise you may be new – but in a small bunch of people, trust is awarded quickly – again, out of necessity.

It is safe to say that I have worked in few places where I have felt this trusted & valued so very early on. Don’t get me wrong, it had taken Kate a while to hire for my position, so we took the time to get to know each other before I started – and therefore this trust feels, right – which is lovely.

As I sit here now, I have already designed new processes, written new policies and trained existing clients on new exciting releases to help ease their working lives and increase their efficiencies.

On the road

I am a people-centric person, so the chance came around to join my colleague on the road, visiting our longest-standing clients. Along with discovering his love for classical music on our 4 hour journey each way, I also had the chance to learn more about the company, its journey and build a stronger connection with a colleague too.

The trip to see our client was a fantastic chance to hear about quite how much Resident is part of their business. It’s like the air these businesses breathe; all going well, Resident; and any software company, should be ‘silent in the room’, always dependable, always there and always on your side. It was clear to me very quickly how much these clients were ‘all-in’ and it was such a joy to train them on recently released modules, that will make their busy lives that bit easier.

Sharing a growth mindset

This is something I really feel Kate and I bonded over early on in the recruitment process. A desire to not stand still, a willingness to constantly evolve and not being scared of interrogating the ‘grey-space’ (both in the industry but also internally). I am so truly excited to see where Resident will grow. It honestly has gone from strength to strength and has phenomenal new software releases already coming down the pipeline.

Jump onboard?

If you are like I was, looking for a company that is really answering a problem, really has a vision and knows how to get there – then feel free to connect with me! We’re always open to hearing from like minded people.