Maintenance Ticketing

Following feedback from our clients, and being conscious of their heroic wrangle with relentless and overwhelming floods of phone calls, emails and post (delivered in any imaginable way) we have designed one place to bring a ray of sunshine and order. Ticketing is here for you to record, organise and deal with all these queries. 

Report Maintenance issues from your dashboard

Set of built-in reminders and notifications

Create and assign tags to each ticket

Merge multiple tickets and reply to everyone at once

Detailed articles and how-to videos

Two way Messaging system

Messages have a signature with your Agency details and logo

All this for just £97.20 month (incl. VAT)

How it works

Integration with Resident

– Once ticket is submitted through leaseholder/director portal or emailed the system will match email address against those in the system and then assign issue to block’s Property Manager;
– Works Orders and Tasks can be created from the ticket and will stay permanently linked to it. After updating any of those Tasks or Works Orders you will be prompted to update the ticket.

Two way Messaging system

– Leaseholders can now reply to tickets directly from their inbox without a need to log in anywhere.
– Capability to reply to multiple recipients including custom emails not recorded in the system.

Set of reminders and notifications which can also be configured or disabled if needed

– Notifications: Ticket creation (one for Admin and one for Submitter); Assign Notifications (for Agent); Reply Notification (for Agent assigned to responded ticket)
– Reminders: Daily- Not Actioned tickets (for Agent), Daily – Not Assigned tickets (to Admin), Weekly- not Resolved tickets (to Agent and Admin)

Read more in our Ticketing booklet. Please click the image below.

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