Resident’s 5th Birthday

Five years ago I incorporated Resident at companies house. I was so fed up with the software we were using at work that I just believed there could be a better way. I thought we would build a system & post CDs to clients for them to load onto their servers in their offices. OMG how much things have changed in 5 years! It took a year to launch the first version for leaseholders who self manage their blocks of flats. That version is now known as SELF. 

And then the phone calls started coming in from agents asking if they could use our software instead of the expensive legacy softwares that were taking their business for granted because managing agents had no choice. And so we set about creating a system that gave them that choice. 

It has been far from easy but we kept developing, creating and listening using the most modern technologies and we will continue to.

As a 5th birthday pressie to clients we have gifted the ability for site inspections to be administered in Resident without the need to purchase or integrate with another app. The new site inspection facility is free for Resident clients.

I have learnt a lot over the past 5 years but to reflect encourage your children to learn code and encourage them to daydream because combined they can create really cool solutions.

KB – Founder