Resident Release Notes 2nd February 2018

Resident now has the ability to attach a cover letter to Service Charge Demands, Ground Rent Invoices or General Invoices. A new article that explains how you can set up and use the cover letter option has been added to Resident Knowledge Hub.  You can view it here. A cover letter allows you to add another letter/document to invoices which are being sent by email to leaseholders. You can also print it if required, together with a statement and invoices. In the first part of this article, we show you an example of how to add a cover letter to a Service Charge demand.  In the second part, we demonstrate how to utilise the customisable paragraph option.  You can follow the same steps for Ground Rent or General Invoices. You can have multiple letter templates in the system, which you can enable or disable whenever you need.

Click here to view the Cover Letter article