Resident Release Notes – 23rd April 2020

What’s new?

We are pleased to announce that the new functionalities deployed this week are now fully operational.


  • Invoice groups have customisable templates (one by one) – you can now configure which Templates are being used by each individual Invoice Group. By default they will have the default configuration available as before in Message Templates)
  •  Invoice groups have custom attachments – you can now add any documents to the Invoice Groups and they will be sent together with Invoices
  • Invoice Groups have a new download option – you can now download all documents (Statement, Budget, Invoice, cover letter etc) in one pdf
  • ‘Skip’ option on arrears – you can skip one step in a process and trigger the following one
  • Task improvement (Part 1) – single tasks have been separated from recurring tasks


  • Trial Balance excluding ‘non zero’ categories if those did not have items in the period – now resolved.