Resident Release Notes – 17th June 2020

What’s new?

In this deployment of maintenance issues you might need to do a force refresh of your browser’s cached items. We highly recommend this to everyone and especially if you experience any system delays. 

You can do this by pressing ctrl + F5 ( Windows) or Command + R ( macOs) or by accessing and clearing your browser’s history and cache.

New feature

  • Option to clone a Role – this allows you to copy all permissions from an existing Role to a new one (Settings/List of Roles)


  •  ‘Are you sure’ check added on deleting items from Files section
  • Role hierarchy – if you have multiple roles and you log in into Resident for the first time (or on a new browser) you will always log in with the highest one e.g. if you have both Leaseholder and Director Roles, your default access Role will be at Director level


  • Downloading End of Year Pack on Estates – fixed
  • Rejected Suppliers Invoices are now excluded from Financial Reports
  • You now have the ability to change existing Role type
  • Downloading Unit Statements in bulk in Estate – It now downloads all Statements with items raised on both Estate and Block level