Resident Customer Support 2020

For the past few months we have been monitoring the telephone calls received by the Resident support line. This enabled us to analyse the nature and length of calls being received in an effort to improve our response times and support service. It became clear that genuine Support Tickets were being delayed due to the number of ad-hoc guidance requests coming through on the telephones. Some calls were taking up to an hour and were clear Training requirements as opposed to Support needs. These telephone calls need to be booked and scheduled in advance as Training as they have a negative impact on our ability to respond to clients requiring genuine Technical Support.

Going forwards please note that all Support enquiries need to be submitted by ticket or email ( 

All training/walkthrough/guidance Requests (not including onboarding for new clients) need to be pre-booked and paid for at least 24 hours in advance, please. 

Training can be booked on our website homepage ( via the ‘Book Training’ button. 

In case of a technical emergency please leave a voicemail on 01892 739442. Please make sure you leave details of the issue and/or any related ticket number.  Please note that voicemails requiring a return call without associated information of the nature of the problem cannot be returned.

We hope you understand these processes are being put in place for the efficiency of Customer Support and you will reap the benefits of such.