Release Notes 28 May 2019


  • Notes will now have text as you type without delays
  • Access to Work Orders from Supplier profiles now accessible – this was restricted before
  • Google maps updated so can locations can be seen if clicked upon at Global or Block level
  • Tags on tasks were erratic – now they are loading correctly
  • You now have the option to filter any categories of debt in the Debtors Report when previously it was only for ALL categories
  • You can now access the Arrears Process from Estate level where before this was restricted


  • Debtors Report at Estate level now pulls all Estate and Block data, instead of Estate level only
  • For CSV Bank Reconciliation you will now only see unpaid or unreconciled Invoices rather than all of them, paid or unpaid.
  • You now have the ability to activate or inactivate Supplier Remittance from Checklists
  • Branding problem – newly added logo not visible in email footer – now you can update logo in signatures again
  • References for Invoices were not always showing on Supplier Statements – this has been fixed
  • Branch details recently were not editable – now these can be amended and updated
  • The total Units shown on the Global Dashboard is now the correct management figure
  • ##workinstructions## tag amended for message templates – this will now be pulled for Work Instructions
  • The problem with End of Year Pack not downloading for RTMs has been fixed
  • Amended User Invite Template – this message is now sent without Resident Support details