Release notes – 25th October 2019


  • Freeholder Statement – we have removed the top category filter (this statement only shows Ground Rent).

  • Global Bank Reconciliation – you can now search for a Leaseholder across your portfolio without having to select the Client first.

  • Client Statement Report – Clients and Bank Accounts have been moved to the top, The Date Generated has been added to the file, along with the file name in a new column – Invoice Description.

  • Search Menu/Contacts – you can now search using a Unit ID or phone number.

  • Search Menu/Suppliers – you can now search using a phone number, Email or Address.


  • Credit Balances in the Arrears section is now showing correctly (with a minus sign).
  • Client Statement balance – previously there were missing items if they appeared identically.
  • Tasks are now showing correctly in My Work/Tasks/Delegated Tasks
  • Sorting by date within the list of invoices is working correctly once more
  • Dates on mail merge lists are now correct – old mail mergers cannot be corrected