Release Notes – 02nd Decemer 2019


  • New Code to pull ‘Care of’ line from the address for Mail Merge and Documents

  • Leaseholder/Director dashboard – when you disable permission to whichever section, the matching tile disappears from the Dashboard

  • An Individual Bank Transaction log is now there for Global Accounts 

  • List of Bank Accounts – the Reconciliation button will now always take you to the Reconciliation page – even if it is empty 

  • New Layout for your Works orders list –  New columns: Block, Created By, Instructed By, Supplier Instructed, Finished Date, Total of invoices Paid. Please keep in mind some columns are tab specific

  • Works Orders – they now have recently budgeted Categories under the Category dropdown menu


  • Company number code on Mail Merge now pulls the correct details

  • Arrears page – sorting by the amount in the Settled tab – now functions correctly

  • BACS extract – sorting on the list of exports is working correctly

  • Global Dashboard – the Total now matches the sum of all Unreconciled Transactions on individual Accounts

  • Global Dashboard – Graphs are back working (requires clearing your cached files)