New Year, New… us?

Hi again, it’s Craig, Resident’s Client Success Manager 👋🏼

So, it’s fast approaching that time of year when people make New Year’s resolutions, reflect on what they have achieved and what they want to see happen in the following year.

What is a Resolution anyway?

The drive for making resolutions is motivated by this ‘punctuation in time’. They activate hope and expectations for what we hope to achieve going forward. With a New Year comes a ‘sense of renewal’ and evolution.

We’re almost 10 years old!

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly 10 years old.
Starting in 2014, next year we will be celebrating our very special 10 year anniversary.
What better way than to do something BIG to mark the occasion… that’s right, we meant it when we said “New Year, New Us”. We’re having a little bit more than just a makeover!

Next month we shall be releasing a special Newsletter focused solely on this topic. But we have been finding it hard to keep such a big and exciting secret… So let’s share a few of our motivations that have become ‘the pillars’ behind the next version of Resident!


To make our clients’ ‘day-to-day work’ more efficient

The new version of Resident will enable users to get to different parts of the system using much fewer clicks. Most functions will be clickable from the main Dashboard and take you directly to where you want to be…say goodbye to multiple menus!


Opening doors for development and implementation… with minimal impact on you

The system will be future-proof.
It will allow us to withstand multiple scenarios of adding new features as we and the industry evolves, without causing a negative impact on the end user.
Thanks to next generation modularity, if a new function needs to be added due to new laws or natural evolution, then this can be entirely self-contained, meaning it will not impact other parts of the system in any way!


Resident, but more of ‘you’ at the centre of it

We want Resident to be more tailored to the needs of our users.
Mindful that every single Client’s workflow is different, even one employee sat next to another may work differently to one another… but there is still a way we can make lives easier and put each person at the helm!

We will be creating a ‘Favourites Tab’ within the Dashboard itself.
Just imagine, you’re someone that uses Resident mostly for the same 5 things each day, you will now be able to create your own ‘quick access panel’ to the parts of the system you use the most!
More tailored, less time wasted!


We like to look good too, that’s fine, right?

Joking aside, the reason for aesthetic changes are always deeply rooted in the drive to make Resident’s UX & UI as great as we possibly can.

In short, this means thinking about the interactions had on the software and are they necessary and as optimised as they could be?

As an example of this, we shall be introducing ‘Dark Mode’ to decrease eye strain and also focusing on even bigger topics such as state of the art architecture, to encourage speed and less operation errors. This is all but a wisp; a flavour, if you will…

Questions?I’m sure you do! Please remember, December will see a dedicated Newsletter focusing solely on the new version of Resident, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Fine, I’ll answer the one that I can hear you screaming from here!
We are on track for Spring/Summer 2024!