New Dashboard Designs

  1. The newly designed Global and Block dashboards are here.

We have given a facelift to both of our dashboards. This important step allows us to retain a simple interface for the Block Management Portal and enable you to confgure it better for individual branding needs. You can now match the Dashboard colours with the rest of the portal. Each tile will take you either to a designated page (e.g. Bank Accounts) or give you a breakdown by Block (e.g. Debtors and Creditors). Please see preview below:

This week’s piece of ‘know how’ knowledge – Manual reconciliation

At Resident we are proud of the system’s flexibility whether for setting up Demands according to Leases or the method of dealing with your Accounts. Very often there is more than one path leading to your required action. Manual reconciliation gives you the flexibility to deal with your Finances manually using Statements received from your Bank.

  • First you access ‘Bank Account’ in Accounts/Bank Accounts – Then for the selected Account choose Reconciliation type – Manual – Next just go to Transactions and in More Actions after selecting Manual Reconciliation just tick off Reconciled Transactions. Please follow the link below for more details:
Manual Reconciliation