Case Study – Gordon Estates – Northern Ireland

Gordon Estates has quickly grown to be Northern Ireland’s premier open space and block management agency, specialising in the management of residential estates and complex communal spaces.  With an ever-growing portfolio, Managing Director Christopher Gordon is convinced their success is a result of continually monitoring their clients experience with them. 

“It’s the most effective way to ensure we always deliver exceptional service.   Our processes must be transparent and the team must be accessible.  It’s key to professional property management”  

Gordon Estates was looking for a block management software solution that was built as much for owners and developers as it was for property managers.   

“We didn’t just want an online admin system for our staff.  We realised that the right property management software would give us the opportunity to further engage and communicate with our clients wherever we or our clients are” 

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Resident’s cloud-based software can be accessed from any device.  So whether via lap top, tablet or mobile phone the Gordon team can easily share important information and documentation with their clients. 

“As block managers we’re responsible for maintaining and enhancing the fabric, amenities and services of all the 64 developments that we have been appointed on.   With Resident we can set reminders for any works or safety checks, provide clarity on budgets and estimated costs and communicate project timescales.  When we were looking at different software options it was clear to me that Resident was built for the most important end user, the resident.  That level of transparency is key for us” 

Resident is fully scalable and as Gordon Estates continues to expand our cutting-edge software will support their operations and help them to deliver their committed, client focused block management services. 

For a free trial of Resident please contact Jon Burrough – – 0203 7515 628.