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Block Management software made by Block Managers

Resident Block Management Software has been built by block managers for block managers; when you sign up, you share the benefit of our professional experience and our aim is to help all managing agents operate to the highest industry standards.

If you’re a managing agent expanding into block management or a rapidly growing block management department, check how Resident does the hard work for you.

Our leaseholder portal enables leaseholders to log in from any web browser (Desktop, iPad, iPhone) to provide a fully interactive and open view of financial records, together with reporting features and messaging tools.

Block Management Software Leaseholder Portal


Service Charge Accounting

Powerful time saving features such as automatic bank transaction feeds, BACS payment templates, bulk upload of supplier invoice detail, online supplier invoice approval process, digital end of service charge year packs & full financial reporting.

Leaseholder Portal

A dedicated leaseholder platform brings transparency and combined with inbuilt email messaging, it speeds up your communications with residents.

Maintenance Reporting

Receive, assign, tag & progress repairs

Hosted on the Cloud

Access from anywhere, on any device, on any web browser with unlimited users. No expensive servers & networks, just a simple secure log in.

What people say

Resident is an excellent piece of software which has very quickly become the foundation of Plymouth
Block Management’s communication strategy with its clients. The 24/7 customer portal allows leaseholders and management company directors to see all of their information at the click of a coloured square with no fuss or nonsense. The platform is 100% cloud-based and suffers outrages rarely if ever. What makes Resident so good is its commitment to providing easy to use effective software which is both powerful and intuitive.

Gary Rendle
Plymouth Block Management

The directors and team at Resident work very hard at providing an excellent service.The team are very interested in listening to feedback on how to improve their service and continually listen to new ideas from block managers.

There is regular improvements to the software that further add value to the software.

An exciting company that has stretch targets and objectives to be the best!

Chris Mooney
Eastbourne Lettings

As a large organisation with many requirements we feel Resident Software meets with the vast majority of our needs. There is always a balance of functionality versus price and Resident

Software have found that ideal balance.We use 80% of Resident Software functionality 100% of the time making it excellent value for money. The ongoing Updates and added functionality are rolled out frequently all at no extra cost which we find just fantastic for our business needs.

Andrew Egerton
Hunters RBM

Resident software is excellent. It has made us far more efficient in how we process information and manage our blocks.

The Resident team are very responsive and they understand the job. They make structured improvements which always act as improvements in efficiency, recent introduction of DHub has been brilliant. Our clients also love the system as they get transparency of information very quickly.

The costs of the system is very reasonable also. Our whole team are pleased with Resident and are able to use it as a key part of the day job. Great product, great service and great value.

Kevin O’Reilly
Matthews of Chester

Our company is forever growing and testimony to this is the number of residential blocks from 2015 to 2021 has increased from 8 initially to 167, totalling 3000 units to date.

The Resident Product totally reformed how the company went about its business, and allowed the professional knowledge it holds in its system to be producing complete records and ensuring the user remains totally compliant in every way. One of the most important elements of the software is that it is truly transparent for freeholders, leaseholders and their agents, to monitor without breaking any GDPR requirements which is something the industry needs so desperately.

Mark Christie MInstLM MIRPM
Managing Director

The Resident platform has been by far the best management tool we have ever invested in for our property. If there are aspects that you would like improving that are bespoke to you then the Resident Team go above and beyond to make it happen. The customer service is exemplary. This platform has allowed our directors to effectively manage all aspects of the property and allows us to keep everything in one place that is accessible from anywhere and share information with over 100+ members at the click of a button. We are very impressed with the Resident platform and it gets better all the time with improvements that suit the managers of residential properties like ours.

David Smith
The Exchange (Tunbridge Wells) Management Limited

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The number total of blocks has increased by 25% last year alone.


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